186 Hatt Street

This small one storey cottage on the south side of Hatt Street typifies the kind of modest housing that was occupied by workers who lived in close proximity to the mills and factories where they were employed.

Built around 1849, it is described in records as a one- storey frame dwelling, with a central gable roof. By 1880, the description had changed to “roughcast”. In later years, the exterior was covered with “insul brick”.

Its original owner for 37 years was John Doherty, who is listed as a “labourer”. He lived in it for 26 years, and for seven years, rented it to a spinner named Whitley Preston. In 1887, Albert LaMarsh, a machinist, bought the home, and in turn rented it to William Warrel, a carpenter, in 1891. A year later, ownership passed to another machinist, W.J. Hendry. In 1897, the year he was promoted to foreman at Bertrams, he sold the property and may have moved to better housing.

Records also indicate that over these years, several people, in many cases, un-related, likely boarders, occupied this small home. For instance, in 1899, Lucy LaMarsh was living in the house with four males between the ages of 21 and 61, and one child.

The religious denominations of occupants were recorded, and in this case, the predominant religion was Roman Catholic. Others identified as Anglican, Methodist, and Baptist.


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