Dr. T.A. Bertram

Dr. T.A. Bertram (1864-1951)

Thomas Aimers Bertram, also known as T.A., was born in Dundas on January 16, 1864, the fifth child of John and Elizabeth Bertram. He attended school in Dundas and then at Dr. Tasie’s school in Galt before being accepted into Queen’s University. After he graduated with honours, T.A. worked in hospitals in England and Scotland, before attending the College of Surgeons at the University of Dublin.

Dr. Tom, as he was fondly known, began to practice medicine in Dundas after his return from Ireland. He helped to establish a health service in Dundas that eventually became the Board of Health, with Dr. Bertram the Medical Officer of Health. His practice was located at 6 Main Street in Dundas.

T.A. married Jean Bertram Knowles on November 2, 1888. They had one son James Knowles Bertram born December 6, 1889. A cottage on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park was visited frequently by the Bertrams’ family and friends.

In his private life, T.A. was very active in several hobbies. He was interested in track and field during his Queen’s University days. However, his true interest appears to have been shooting and he was an expert marksmen. His membership in the 77th Wentworth Regiment as a Surgeon
Lieutenant meant that he was invited to participate in the Bisley Tournament in
1899 as part of the Canadian team. At Bisley, T.A. won the Gold Cross in the Bisley Grand Aggregate. He also competed in and won the Match Rifle Competitions in King’s/Queen’s Hundred and the Volunteer Aggregate in 1899. As a result of his winnings, Dr. Bertram was the only Canadian to bring to Canada the Strathcona Cup, the Hops Bitters Company Cup, the Dominion of Canada Challenge Shield and Gold Medal for the Grand Aggregate. Dr. Tom was  instrumental in forming the first lawn bowling club in Dundas and was an avid curler.

Thomas Aimers Bertram died June 7, 1951 and Jean Bertram Knowles died January 12, 1954. Their son, Jamie, was killed in France in 1916, a casualty of World War I.

Dr. T.A. Bertram’s records are available for research at the Dundas Museum and Archives. The inventory to the records is here https://dundasmuseum.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Dr.-T.A.-Bertram-inventory-for-website.pdf

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