Glen Campbell Dairies

This site was part of the land granted by the Crown to Ralph Morden in 1798, in recognition of his father who was executed in 1780 by American revolutionaries for his Loyalist sympathies. The land was sold in about 1822 to wealthy lawyer George Rolph, who, in turn, sold lots along King Street.

Rev. William McMurray purchased nine lots here sometime after he arrived in Dundas in 1838. McMurray, who was ordained by Bishop Strachan of Toronto, was the Church of England Curate of the parish of Dundas & Ancaster between 1838 and 1857, following which he went on to become the Archdeacon of Niagara.

As early as 1860 John Conley, shoemaker, rented a frame house here from Rev. McMurray. By 1869 Benjamin Shepard, a carpenter, purchased this frame house alongside McMurray’s vacant lots. His tenant, Alice Mountain, operated her confectionary here from 1914 to 1922.

In 1928 the Hon. Frank C. Biggs, Ontario Minister of Highways (1919-1923), built a dairy here, having purchased the business from local milkman, Ed Sheehan. Biggs named it Glen Campbell after his farm in Flamborough, where he was among the first to install electric milking and lighting in the barn. The bust of an Ayrshire cow on the upper façade recalls Biggs’ fine herd.

Ed Sheehan bought the building and dairy in 1930, renovating it to provide a small restaurant where Dundasians enjoyed chocolate treats. Ed’s children found the space too small and moved the dairy next door to the west, continuing to use the rear of the former dairy and renting the storefront to various businesses.

This building housed a beauty salon, a print shop, Dundas Lock & Key, and a thrift shop prior to 2012 when Donna Cole opened her Kitchen Witch gift and antiques shop.

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