Picone’s Basket

This wicker basket belonged to Giuseppe (Joseph) Picone. He and his sons used it when selling fruits and vegetables door-to-door in Dundas.

Guiseppe (Joseph) Picone first came to Canada from Sicily in 1911. Unable to find employment in his chosen profession as a brick layer, he settled in Dundas and began selling fruit door to door. His business soon began to expand. In 1915 he rented a tiny storefront beside the Collins Hotel. In 1918 purchased a building across the street at 34 King Street West for $4000. In 1920 Joseph married his love, Josephine, and they made their home in the chilly rooms above the store. They had three sons, Joseph, John and Leonard, who would all come to join them in the family business. Picone Fine Foods has continued to flourish in the old building and is now one of the oldest operating businesses in Dundas.

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