Pratt and Whitney Small Tools

The Pratt & Whitney Co. manufacturing plant was established in 1860 in Conneticut, USA.  In 1901 it was acquired by the Niles-Bement-Pond Co. which, in 1905, merged with the John Bertram and Sons Co. in Dundas.  In 1906 a Canadian subsidiary of Pratt & Whitney was established in Dundas and located in the old Canada Screw Company premises at Hatt and Ogilvie Streets, which had been used by the Bertram works for storage.  An article in a 1906 issue of the Canadian Journal of Commerce states that ‘United States and Canadian capitalists are jointly to be associated in the manufacture of machinery, iron and steel tools and other metals at Dundas, where the Bertram’s at present have their business.  The name of the new business is the “Pratt and Whitney Company of Canada”, and their capital is placed at $100,000.  R.C. McKinney of New York, L.B. Morgan of Plainfield, N.J., C.L. Cornell, Orange, N.J., and Henry and Alexander Bertram, all manufactures, are the incorporators.’  In 1917 the company increased its capital stock to $250,000, and that same year a $100,000 contract was awarded to Secord and Sons of Brantford to construct a new building opposite Bertram’s on Hatt Street (address 50 Main St).

In 1974 the building was taken over by the Do-Tan Tool and Gauge Co., which manufactured jigs, fixtures and special purpose machinery.  It has now been converted into condominiums.

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