Quilt made by Marcy Lyons

This quilt was made in 1847 by Marcy Lyons, wife of Harcar Lyons. Made of 8 inch square patches in mauve, white, beige, yellow, red, blue, green, and brown, it measures 71.25 by 82 inches. The backing of the quilt is off-white. It has a border of brown, yellow, white, and green tear-drop and circle patches. Embroidery on the quilt reads “Marcy Lyons Dec. 6, 1847 74 years”.

After Harcar Lyons death in 1838, Marcy Lyons ran the farm at Concession 1 Lots 19 & 20 in what was then West Flamborough Township. In 1852, she reportedly broke her hip and continued to run the farm from her bed until her death in 1861.

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