R.S. Brooke

R.S. Brooke- Richard Sarly Brooke born in Yorkshire England 1828, moved to Dundas in 1855 after serving several years in South Africa.

He was Dundas’ first professional photographer from 1856 to 1887 where he owned a studio at King St. North side just 3 doors down east of Sydenham Road. He would later become a manufacturer of laughing gas, until his death in 1896. Brooke claims to have been the inventor of nitrous oxide.

R.S. Brooke married Elizabeth Syrena from Nottingham and had two children who of both unfortunately having died young- Eveline Sorley Brooke (July 17 1865 – October 12 1865) and a no named son born May 10th 1864, who died the same day.

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