The Armouries

The Dundas Armouries, now the Lions Memorial Community Centre, was originally built starting in 1874. The local Dundas Militia was granted a drill hall during the Fenian Raids (1866-1871), however, the building was not finished until several years after the raids were finished. On October 24, 1900, more buildings were added to the original drill shed, creating what was known as the Dundas Armouries; they were officially opened and unveiled on May 24, 1904, by Colonel Alexander Bertram who was a very well-known officer during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These grounds served the town of Dundas during both the First and Second World Wars and were the training site for several battle regiments throughout its history. When the additions were originally completed, they housed the local 77th Wentworth Regiment, which eventually divided into two, with half of the Regiment becoming absorbed by the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, and the rest turning into the 102nd Field Battery Royal Canadian Artillery (R.C.A). By the time Canada was involved in the Second World War, the 102nd Field Battery R.C.A had been renamed and served during the war as the 102nd Light Anti-Aircraft Battery in the L.A.A. Regiment of the 4th division. Unfortunately, training was put on hold in 1934 after a large fire destroyed most of the Armouries, causing thousands of dollars in damages. Not long after it was rebuilt, the 102nd Regiment dissolved. In 1973 the Lions Club bought the building from the city, turning it into the Lions Memorial Community Centre.
Thanks to the students of McMaster University Department of History for their assistance with this project.

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